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Touch Not the Unclean Thing
(The Text Issue and Separation)
by Dr. David Sorenson.

Reader's Responses

"I thought the author did a masterful job of presenting his argument. To me the book was thorough enough with the evidence and written so the average person could grasp your presentation. Please send me 10 more copies."
-Pastor in Indiana

"I am reading the book Touch Not the Unclean Thing and I am honestly searching my convictions and beliefs. So far it is the most logical and reader-friendly book on this subject I have been exposed to. I am one who has had some confusion on the issue. Your book is refreshing."
-Pastor in the Northeast

"In this reviewer's opinion, this book is not only the newest release on the market on this important issue, it is the most logical presentation and most thoroughly documented treatise on the subject in recent years."
-Editor of a theological digest

"Your book Touch Not the Unclean Thing on the text issue was superb. I have read many books and booklets dealing with this subject. Your stands above all for readability, clear definition of terms, and understandable language. Though you take a strong and defensible position, it was done without diatribes or name calling.
-Message by e-mail

"It is nearly 2 a.m. and I have just now put down your book Touch Not the Unclean Thing. It is a hard one to stop reading. Thank you for the clear teaching and easy-to-understand format of the book."
-Layman in North Carolina

"Your book is the finest treatise this preacher has read in recent years."
-Evangelist from Maryland

"You have simplified a complex subject and made it accessible to all. You also show that the textual issue is not a matter of preference, but is a choice between right and wrong."
-Missionary in Quebec

Touch Not the Unclean Thing, 295 pages, paperback: $15.00

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Touch Not the Unclean Thing is a strong defence of the traditional Received Text of the New Testament and by extension, the King James Version of the Bible. The author provides extensive historical and factual documentation for his assertions, with more than 450 citations and a bibliography of 150 historical sources.

Dr. Sorenson connects the biblical principle of separation from apostasy to the Bible text issue. Historically documenting the fact that almost all editors of the modern Critical Text have direct associations with theological liberalism or apostasy.

In fact, there is documented proof that the two principal architects thereof were both involved with occult activities throughout the time they were producing their version of the Critical Text.

Dr. Sorenson also clearly exposes how the person of Christ has been diminished and major doctrines diluted in modern translations of the Bible based upon the Critical Text. Specifically, he documents the diminution of the person of Jesus Christ in the NIV and NASB.

Touch Not the Unclean Thing documents the following:

  • The three major textual positions
  • The basic error of Peter Ruckman's postion
  • The rationalism and apostasy associated with the critical text
  • The theological liberalism of Westcott and Hort
  • The involvement of Westcott and Hort in the occult
  • The dilution of major doctrines in the NIV and NASB
  • The diminution of the person of Jesus Christ in the NIV and NASB
  • The influence of Erasmus on the Anabaptists

Touch Not the Unclean Thing, 295 pages, paperback: $15.00

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Three Major Positions
  3. Basic Terminology of the Textual Debate
  4. The Double Stream of Biblical Texts
  5. Early History of the Received Text
  6. Additional History of the Critical Text
  7. Dating, Weighting and Counting
  8. The Scriptural Principle of Separation from Apostasy
  9. Applying the Principle of Separation to the Textual Issue
  10. What about Erasmus, King James, and His Translators?
  11. The Issue Today


  1. Problems in the New American Standard Bible
  2. Problems in the New International Version
  3. Problems with the New King James Version
  4. Weakened Doctrine in the Critical Text
  5. Evidences of a Historical Connection Between the Waldenses and the King James Version

Touch Not the Unclean Thing, 295 pages, paperback: $15.00

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