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Broad Is the Way
by Dr. David Sorenson.


The author presents a real-world perspective of fundamentalist institutions and individuals who are considering merging into the evangelical mainstream or have already done so.

The book is a wealth of church history of the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly as it relates to the fundamental, independent Baptist movement.

The reader will also find insightful chapters on Christian music as well as why institutions shift from a fundamentalist to an evangelical position.

Broad Is the Way, 303 pages, paperback:. $16.00

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Table of Contents

Section One -- Church History in the 20th Century

1. A Personal Perspective
2. Recent Church History
3. Development of the New Evangelical Movement
4. Observations of the New Evangelical Movement
5. The Pattern of Change

Section Two -- The Progression of Change

6. A Shift in Bibliology
7. Loss of Evangelistic Fervor
8. A Shifting of Focus
9. A Shift if Music
10. Cultural Fundamentalism
11. Secondary Separation

Section Three -- Preventing the Evangelical Slide

12. A Focus on THE Book
13. A Renewal of Biblical Separation
14. A Renewal of Evangelistic Fervor
15. Conclusion

Broad Is the Way, 154 pages, paperback:. $16.00

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